International Protection of Human Rights in Cases against Russia after 16 March 2022

During this webinar, we will discuss how lawyers can plan their human rights cases, namely:

1.    How will Russia’s expulsion from the Council of Europe affect the opportunity for Russian nationals to submit complaints to the ECtHR?

2.    What complaints can still be filed and what are the deadlines?

3.    What is going to happen to the complaints now pending before the ECtHR?

4.    Does Russia have an obligation to comply with the ECtHR judgments delivered after 15 March 2022?

5.    Can the Council of Europe apply any mechanism to control the execution of such judgments?

6.    What awaits the ECtHR judgments in high-profile cases against Russia: Tunikova (a pilot judgment on domestic abuse), Kuzmina (a judgment on conducting operational-search measures in drug-related cases), and others? Will these judgments be fulfilled?

7.    Can the UN Committees become a meaningful alternative to the ECtHR?

8.    Which Committees can applicants in cases against Russia approach?

9.    Which human rights are not protected by the UN treaties, unlike the ECHR?

10.  What is the difference in terms of admissibility tests and procedure for the hearing of complaints by the Committees and the ECtHR?

11.  Can Committees adopt interim measures similar to Rule 39 measures before the ECtHR?

12.  How are Committee decisions executed in Russia and other countries?