14.10.2021 | News
A BGP Litigation Attorney Defends a Woman’s Right Not to Fear Speaking up about Abuse

From 2018, Alexandra Ivanova had been suffering from assault from her ex-husband. After the enforcement authorities instituted a criminal case, she spoke about her experience in an interview to a popular TV channel.

Believing that in doing so she had denigrated his honour and business reputation, the ex-husband sued Alexandra and the TV channel. The court of first instance sided with the husband. It recognised that the respondents had disseminated false information and obliged them to delete and disavow what had been said in the interview. The court also ordered that Alexandra compensate the claimant’s pain and suffering.

Valentina Frolova, Attorney and Senior Associate with the BGP Litigation’s Family Law practice, has secured a judgment by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Crimea on the removal from the lower court’s decision of the order to delete and disavow the client’s statements about the abuse.

“We are fighting for a woman’s right to freely speak up about her experience. The victims of domestic abuse often find it even psychologically hard to muster the strength to publicly share their stories of suffering assault and degrading treatment. That is why they are basically dealt a second blow when the offender forces them to recant their statements, especially when such a claim is supported by a court without a careful consideration of the case,” Valentina adds.

The BGP Litigation lawyers will continue defending Alexandra Ivanova in other disputes in courts against her ex-husband, so as to make sure that she does not depend on his actions.

This is not the first successful case in the Family Law practice’s portfolio that concerns defending women who were forced to remain silent about domestic assault and abuse inflicted upon them. Previously, Valentina Frolova also defended the journalist Ekaterina Fedorova, who shared a story of rape, before the Supreme Court.

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