03.02.2021 | News
BGP Litigation attorneys represented company beneficiaries who faced claims by an illegitimate CEO

The board of directors of a public joint-stock company terminated the employment of the company CEO due to poor performance. In response, the ex-CEO filed with law enforcement agencies a complaint alleging an attempt to embezzle the Company's assets through illegal replacement of a controlling person.

Thanks to the strength of the case prepared by BGP attorneys, it was established to the satisfaction of the court that the board of directors’ resolution was fully legitimate and the claim was a false denunciation. As a result, on 24 November 2020, the responsible investigator at the Investigation Unit of the Internal Affairs Department for the South-Eastern Administrative District at the Main Moscow Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs resolved to terminate the criminal case due to the absence of a criminal act under article 30 (part 3) and article 159 (part 4) Fraud of the Russian Criminal Code.

What we’ve done for the client:

  • Built a strong case which made it possible to have the criminal proceedings terminated
  • Proactively worked with the law enforcement to protect the client’s interests
  • Helped the client avoid grave reputational risks and criminal liability


Project accomplished by Vladimir Kolesin, Attorney, Counsel at White Collar Criminal Defence