07.11.2018 | News
BGP Litigation is the exclusive consultant for a cash investment transaction.

Moscow, October 23, 2018 — BGP Litigation has acted as an exclusive legal advisor in a transaction aimed at fund-raising of $1.5 million to Heedbook, a client loyalty assessment system company.

As part of the transaction support, the BGP Litigation team was to ensure management of complex transaction coordination process, preparation of documents in accordance with Russian and English law as well as tax structuring.

The system of automated customer loyalty assessment Heedbook is an online service for measurement and increase of customer loyalty based on video analysis of clients' emotions and speech during customer service conduction. Customer satisfaction rate is determined by neural networks study verified by an expert. Such a system provides for maximum reliability of the results. Russian Post and the Moscow Regional MFC (Multifunctional Centre of State Services) are among the clients of Heedbook.

In 2017, Heedbook won the “First Height” startup competition organized by McKinsey consulting company and Winter Capital venture fund. In October of the same year, the service ranked second in the competition of the Bank of Russia and Fintech association "Finopolis-2017". In addition, Heedbook is the only Russian company that has entered the Microsoft inner circle.