12.01.2022 | News
BGP Litigation launches a new practice

BGP Litigation has launched a new practice – the Centre for Lawmaking and GR, headed by the law firm’s Counsel Dmitry Tenshin. Before joining our team, Dmitry occupied the position of COO of one of the leading non-state institutes of development.

“Translating a business initiative for the improvement of regulation into a normative legal act is a challenging and unique task that requires cross-sectoral expertise both in law and economy. Dmitry’s experience of building a portfolio of humanitarian research in cutting-edge technologies and promoting the GR agenda of high tech companies will allow us to confidently support the representatives of the business community in overcoming complex barriers to successful development. I am certain that the team's work under Dmitry’s direction will not only have commercial but social significance as well, considering that his portfolio features projects for the creation of new institutional foundations in the Russian economy and high-tech industry,” Timur Unarokov, BGP Litigation’s Senior Partner, comments.

“It is one of Russia's strategic objectives to correctly understand the needs and interests of its business community. We see as our main area of focus the drafting of normative legal acts and supporting rationales for the same, so as to assist the state in accomplishing that objective,” says Dmitry Tenshin, Counsel with BGP Litigation.

The Centre for Lawmaking and GR provides legal support to businesses and non-profit organisations in their communications with public authorities and institutes of development.

The Centre’s experts specialise in advancing initiatives for the improvement of legislation, developing GR strategies, performing regulatory monitoring, and administering working groups within public authorities.