20.12.2022 | News
BGP Litigation named among the best law firms for wealthy clients by Forbes Club Legal Ranking

On 20 December 2022, Forbes Club Legal Ranking presented the results of its research into the best law firms in Russia servicing and protecting the interests of wealthy clients, private investors and big businessmen. BGP Litigation is recommended for work with private high net worth clients in all the fields investigated: conflicts and anti-crisis management, operations with assets, taxation, compliance, defence of personal interests and international projects. In total, the firm was recommended for work in 17 areas.

BGP Litigation took leading positions in six categories: 

  • Personal taxation and planning 
  • Family law/prenuptial agreements
  • Family disputes/divorce
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Structuring of overseas assets/ Protection of personal overseas assets
  • International dispute support

BGP Litigation was also recognised as a leading company in the areas of:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Anti-crisis management: prevention of imposition of secondary liability
  • Criminal law defence
  • Tax structuring for businesses
  • Disputes with tax authorities
  • Currency regulation/ Application of currency restrictions
  • Banking and financial operation support
  • Inheritance planning
  • Support on immigration issues

The firm was also recommended for its work in the following areas:

  • Corporate structuring of personal assets
  • Personal compliance 


BGP Litigation is a law firm specialising in providing comprehensive support for businesses in 18 fields. The firm has worked on the Russian market for 16 years and has a staff of over 100 lawyers. BGP Litigation has offices in Moscow and St Petersburg. In 2022, it opened a representative office in Dubai in partnership with a leading Middle East law firm BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP.

Forbes Club Legal Ranking assesses Russian and international law firms developing high net worth client servicing practices according to several criteria at once: the scale, significance and success of the firm’s projects. The experts assess the achievements of the Practice, their professionalism, the geographical coverage of their projects, as well as quality and service standards. The purpose of the rating is to provide a direct link between lawyers and business owners.