05.12.2022 | News
Pravo-300 rates BGP Litigation as a leader on the legal services market

On 2 December 2022, the 13th Pravo-300 awards ceremony was held of Russian legal services market leaders. BGP Litigation took second place by revenues and number of lawyers, and was recognised in 23 of the rating categories, including as a member of the top group in eight fields. It was also a winner in the special “Lawmaking” and “Pro bono in LegalCharity” categories.

BGP Litigation has improved its indicators significantly since last year in a number of fields. For instance, the firm went up into Group 1 in the categories: Corporate Law/М&А, Antitrust Law, Family and Inheritance Law. It also rose higher in the fields of Bankruptcy (major litigations), Intellectual Property, ТМТ and Digital Economy. In a number of the categories in which BGP Litigation participated for the first time, it immediately entered the top ranks: the firm joined the first group debuting in the categories Sanctions Law and Transport Law, the second group in Foreign Economic Activities: customs law and exchange control; Intellectual Property: defence of rights and litigation; Real Estate, land, construction; Natural Resources: energy; Insurance Law; Labour and Immigration Law.

In total, BGP Litigation took top places in eight categories:

•  Arbitration: commercial disputes - major

•  Antitrust Law (including disputes)

•  Compliance

•  Corporate Law: mergers and acquisitions, medium  

•  Sanctions Law (first time in the rating)

•  Family and Inheritance Law     

•  Transport Law (first time in the rating)     

•  Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

BGP Litigation experts were also mentioned in the categories:

•  Bankruptcy: litigations major – group 2

•  Foreign Economic Activities: customs law and exchange control – group 2 (first time in the rating)

•  Intellectual Property: defence of rights and litigation – group 2 (first time in the rating)

•  Intellectual Property: consulting – group 2

•  International Litigation – group 2     

•  International Arbitration – group 3

•  Tax Consulting – group 2     

•  Real Estate, land, construction – group 2 (first time in the rating)

•  Natural Resources: energy – group 2 (first time in the rating)

•  Insurance Law – group 2 (first time in the rating)

•  ТМТ – group 2

•  Labour and Immigration Law – group 2 (including disputes, first time in the rating)     

•  Criminal Law – group 3

•  Digital Economy – group 2

•  Private Capital – group 3 (first time in the rating) 

In addition, BGP Litigation joined the Top-10 companies by revenues per lawyer. According to open voting results, the firm was recognised in the special category “Law Making” for work on the bill against bullying in schools and “Pro bono in LegalCharity” for work as part of the “Lawyers Help Children” charitable foundation set up by BGP Litigation It was also short-listed in the “Pro bono” special category.


BGP Litigation is a law firm specialising in providing comprehensive support for business in 18 fields. The firm has been working on the Russian market for 16 years, with a staff of more than 100 lawyers. BGP Litigation has offices in Moscow and St Petersburg. In 2022, the firm opened a representative office in Dubai in partnership with the major Middle East law firm BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP.

Pravo-300 is the biggest and most prestigious study of the Russian legal services market. The rating has determined the leaders in each of the practice fields for over ten years now. The rating’s Expert Council is made up of corporate lawyers representing the legal departments of leading Russian and international companies.