09.08.2022 | News
BGP Litigation Gets a Child Adopted for Medical Treatment Abroad in Record Time

BGP Litigation was approached by the legal guardian of a minor who had taken the child into her care after the child’s parents passed away. The guardian required assistance in obtaining the approval of the child protection services to take the child abroad for a long period of time, as she had failed to do it herself.

The BGP Litigation team came up with a strategy for the protection of the rights and interests of the underage girl, concluding that she needed to be adopted. In record time (two months from the client’s approach), the BGP Litigation lawyers helped the client collect the necessary files, obtain a positive opinion from the child protection services and secure a ruling allowing her to adopt the girl.

Today, the court’s ruling was presented for immediate execution and the child will be able to leave the country for medical treatment abroad in the coming days.