28.08.2020 | News
The BGP Litigation family practice team won the dispute over the children's place of residence between Irina Zhivova and her ex-husband

The Moscow City Court finished the complicated post-divorce process of challenging the concluded agreements on property, children and alimony, which has been going on between Irina and Yevgeny Zhivov since 2018. Attorney Victoria Dergunova, who heads the practice, managed to secure the interests and rights of the grantor, despite the refusal of the courts of first instance and to defend her right to live together with children. Reminder that earlier Victoria and Irina have already managed to reduce the amount of compensation under the marriage contract almost 6 times compared to the amount recovered by the Nikulinsky District Court in the first instance.

“The first thing the grantor told me after leaving the courtroom was that she again believed in the power of the law and justice for all. I believe that the most important thing in family disputes, especially when it comes to separation from children, is not to lose faith and not give up. We did a great job and managed to prove that Irina is a good mother, the best for her children, and their interests are not limited only to large apartments or financial opportunities, ”said Viktoria Dergunova, attorney, BGP Litigation partner, after leaving the court .

At the same time, the battle for the right to be heard continues. Today the Nikulinsky District Court of Moscow issued a precedent decision for victims of domestic violence: until a woman has a judicial act on bringing the aggressor to justice, administrative or criminal, she has no right to talk about the beatings inflicted on her. Otherwise, she risks receiving a claim for the protection of his honor and dignity and payment of monetary compensation to him on account of the moral harm suffered as a result of the publication of the experience of the victim of violence.

The BGP Litigation team certainly does not agree with the position of the court and, in the name of the public good, will continue to fight for the right of every woman not to be silent and not be afraid to tell about what happened to her, since she is deeply convinced that no person can be found guilty of that he could not be circumstances beyond his control, obtain a court decision to bring the offender to justice in the presence of other evidence of the violence committed by him in the case file. We understand the importance of the consequences of the court's decision for the fight against domestic violence in Russia and we use all legal means to support and protect its victims.

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