27.04.2022 | News
BGP Litigation Partner Irina Akimova Elected to Chair the AAE General Council

In April 2022, the members of the Association of Antitrust Experts (AAE) took a vote to elect the AAE Chairperson and General Council. As a result of the voting, Irina Akimova, Partner and Head of the BGP Litigation’s Antitrust practice, was appointed the Chairwoman of the AAE General Council.

The AAE is a professional public platform for interaction with the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service and other authorities, which serves to develop a consolidated position on matters of promoting competition and strengthening the antitrust laws and the practice of their implementation. The AAE has been active since 2007 and has brought together leading lawyers in the field of Russian antitrust laws, as well as economists and teachers specialising in antitrust issues.

Irina has been working in the sphere of application of antimonopoly, advertising, and procurement laws for 20 years. Before joining BGP Litigation, Irina was the head of antitrust practices at major Russian law firms and worked at the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service for 8 years. Over the past two years, Irina has served as a member of the AAE General Council and has chaired the AAE Academy’s Organisation Committee. She is listed in the Chambers Europe, Best Lawyers, Pravo.Ru-300, and Kommersant rankings.

“Today, the Association faces by far not the easiest of challenges. These encompass devising an independent antimonopoly agenda, adjusting the Association’s internal processes to improve its efficiency, and setting up our own educational project.

“Against the current transformations of the economy in general and of antitrust policies in particular, all of those tasks present a major challenge for both the newly-elected General Council and for me personally as the Chairwoman.

“Nonetheless, the level of expertise of our members, the experience and authority of our colleagues elected to the new General Council, as well as my own motivation, leave no doubt that whatever exacting and ambitious goals we set before ourselves, they will all be achieved to the highest standards.

“While being deeply aware of all of the responsibility that comes with my new role, I am thankful to the Association members and sincerely believe that I will be able to live up to the trust of all those who gave their votes for my candidacy,” Irina Akimova says.

We congratulate Irina on her appointment and wish her new conquests and achievements in the capacity of AAE General Council Chairwoman!