30.06.2022 | News
BGP Litigation Partner Irina Akimova Discusses the Unification of Procurement Procedures and Requirements to Sector-Specific Tenders at SPBILF-2022

On 30 June 2022, a discussion panel on the “Improvement of Laws and State Regulation of Mandatory Tender Procedures: Russian and Global Practice” took place as part of the 10th St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, moderated by Deputy Head of the FAS of Russia Gennady Magazinov. Irina Akimova, Partner and Head of Competition at BGP Litigation, and Chairwoman of the Association of Antitrust Experts General Council, spoke at the panel.

The panellists– the Minister for Competition with the Government of the Moscow Region, Deputy Head of the Federal Treasury, top managers of major companies, and the representatives of state authorities – noted the new relevance of the institute of tenders for the system of economic relations. The issues of ensuring equal access to public and municipal property, property and other rights, and boosting the owners’ income from selling the same, are becoming increasingly pertinent. Resolving these challenges requires a uniform procedure for conducting tenders and creating a unified digital environment for participating therein. 

Irina Akimova spoke on the need to unify procurement procedures and the requirements to mandatory tenders. The lack of unification, procedures, and statutory principles for conducting sector-specific tenders presents a big problem for the creation of equal and non-discriminative conditions for access to the acquisition of public and municipal property, something that materially restricts competition, Irina says. She has also highlighted two issues – namely, the lack of unified regulations of competition procedures, as well as the inadequacy of the mechanisms of adoption and compliance with the principles of such procedures.

In summing up her presentation, Irina opined that unifying such procedures at the legislative level would be the only way to optimise the procedures and conduct of tenders.

Watch Irina’s full presentation here