21.02.2022 | News
BGP Litigation Partners Take the Top Positions in the “Best in Law” Competition

Platforma, a litigation finance service, has announced the results of the Fifth “Best in Law” Competition for legal practitioners. The experts have voted for Victoria Dergunova, BGP Litigation Partner and President of the “Lawyers for Kids” Foundation, and Sergey Lisin, BGP Litigation Partner, to occupy the top positions in the ranking.

Victoria has won the expert vote with one of the most controversial cases of the “Lawyers for Kids” Foundation – the one concerning little Sasha, who had lived in a medical centre for five years. As an attorney, Victoria managed to restrict the birth family’s parental rights and have the child handed over to a foster family.

Sergey has reached the top of the expert vote with a case where, in a bankruptcy of a factory, two major Russian banks sought to challenge a series of consecutive transactions, as a result of which the client acquired real estate worth RUB 1.8 billion. Sergey demonstrated that the real purpose of the challenged transactions was not to alienate the real estate at understated value, but for the secured lender – the firm’s client – to enforce the security.

The annual “Best in Law” Competition for legal practitioners is an award for lawyers and attorneys who do their work day after day better than anyone. The competition was founded by Platforma, a litigation finance service, and is held for the fifth time.

Following the voting at the website and the choice made by the expert council, several winners have been selected based on the complexity of cases, their social impact, as well as significance for development of court practice, and the country’s map featuring legal stories has been drawn.

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