29.06.2023 | News
Conditional Support: What Businesses Think About The 5th Antimonopoly Package | BGP Litigation Survey

Overall, businesses support the proposals contained in the so-called “5th antimonopoly package”, a complex of amendments to the antitrust legislation for improving antitrust regulation of digital markets. Even so, the companies are not unanimous in their attitude to all the measures. 

Virtually one in two companies believes that the amendments will not have any substantial impact on their activities. Moreover, the opposite predictions of how the bill will affect business are split as follows: 28.1% of respondents believe the amendments will most likely benefit their companies’ operations, while 18.8%, mostly representatives of wholesale and retail trading companies, anticipate a negative impact.  

BGP Litigation experts obtained these figures from a survey called “The 5th antimonopoly package: as seen by businesses”.

At the same time, representatives of surveyed companies assess positively the majority of specific amendments provided for in the bill. For instance, 40.6 % are convinced that the criteria proposed by the bill for determining a digital platform’s dominant position are totally correct and improve the situation in this sphere. 

“Despite the commonly shared view that current regulation does not satisfy today’s business realities, it is clear that companies are not fully agreed on the dominant position criteria proposed by the bill”, notes BGP Litigation Competition Law Practice Partner Irina Akimova.

The survey results may be found at the link.


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