22.10.2018 | News
Head of Antitrust Practice of BGP Litigation Irina Akimova secured interests of the largest appliance producer in dispute concerning the unfair competition

Head of Antitrust/Competition Law Practice of BGP Litigation Irina Akimova served as a legal advisor of the leading appliance producer within the dispute on violation of antitrust law by the client's competitor by way of the unfair competition examined by the Moscow Administration of the Federal Antimonopoly Service.

The subject of examination was dissemination of information by the client's competitor on the Internet and on the official website that contained a misleading comparison of the competitor's products with similar products of other producers, including the client's firm.

Within the strategy of legal remedy developed by Irina's team, we managed to prove the fact of information dissemination by the competitor that contained the misleading comparison of products and formed using the wrong logical conclusions on the leadership positions in the market with the exclusive features of the competitor's products. The comparison was confusing the consumers: it could inflict losses upon the client and cause damage to its business reputation.

The implementation of defence was possible because of identifying the facts to prove in respect of the case and presenting the evidential basis. Irina Akimova was able to confirm the incorrectness of conclusions on superiority of the competitor’s products in comparison with the client’s products according to the criteria stated in the information disseminated. The result of the case examination by the antitrust authority was the recognition of the competitor that violated the competition law and issue of the instruction on terminating the violation of antitrust law by way of the unfair competition, in particular, terminating dissemination of the false information by the competitor. 

The successful realisation of this project confirms the leadership positions of the team in the segment of antitrust regulation and protection of the rights and interests of the clients in cases on violation of antitrust law.