02.12.2021 | News
The legal academy awards: BGP Litigation’s new Oscars

The prestigious legal ranking Pravo-300 has named the top law firms of 2021. The survey results were announced on 2 December at an awards ceremony at Lotte Plaza that brought together the best of the best among Russia’s legal professionals.  

Despite the toughest competition in the legal market, BGP Litigation has not only surpassed its own results for 2020 in the Commercial Litigation, International Litigation, Tax Advice and Disputes, and Criminal Defense categories, but also considerably expanded the number of nominations, debuting in such categories as Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Compliance, Intellectual Property, Digital Economy, TMT, and M&A.

Participating in a survey of financial results of law firms for the first time, BGP Litigation has immediately occupied the top of the federal ranking by revenue among its competitors and by revenue per lawyer.

BGP Litigation has won an award in the nomination “Protection of Reputation” for a case on defending a victim of domestic abuse. The client, a young woman, reported sexual assault she had suffered, on her social media. The person she accused of the offense sued for the protection of his business reputation. The dispute made it to the Supreme Court that confirmed that the woman’s right to freedom from gender-based violence was inextricably linked to and inseparable from the freedom of expression. The client was represented by attorneys of the Centre for the Protection of Victims of Domestic Abuse with the Consortium of Women’s Non-Governmental Associations. Attorney Valentina Frolova, engaged in the case, has joined BGP Litigation as Senior Associate.

Results of the Pravo-300 Awards in 2021:

  • Commercial Litigation – Major Disputes (Tier 1) 
  • International Litigation (Tier 1) 
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare (Tier 1)
  • Tax Advice and Disputes (Tier 2)
  • Family Law and Wills (Tier 2)
  • Compliance (Tier 2)
  • Antimonopoly Law (Tier 3)
  • Intellectual Property / Consulting (Tier 3)
  • International Arbitration (Tier 3)  
  • Criminal Defense (Tier 3)
  • Digital Economy (Tier 3)
  • Corporate Law / M&A (Tier 3)
  • Bankruptcy - Major Disputes (Tier 4)
  • TMT - Technology, Media and Telecommunications (Tier 4)
  • 4th place by revenue
  • 6th place by revenue per lawyer (over 30 lawyers)
  • 10th place by number of lawyers



Pravo-300 is the largest and most authoritative survey of the Russian market of legal services. The ranking has identified leaders in each practice for more than a decade. Its expert council is composed of corporate lawyers representing law departments of the top Russian and international companies.