10.12.2018 | News
BGP litigation lawyers have designed the marketing model for the leading concern in the ammunition industry

BGP litigation Antitrust/Competition practice team provided legal advice for the leading producer of civilian and combat weapons on the project of adjustment of the existing sales model on the Russian market and establishment of the new one.

BGP team has assessed compliance of the contemplated business model of marketing with the antitrust regulations and designed recommendations on the implementation of the model.

The tasks of the project included development of the new business model, economic and technological substantiation of transmission to the new model to ensure subsequent non-discriminatory access of the purchasers to an acquisition of the products in absence of direct supplies from the concern’s enterprises.

BGP lawyers have developed a strategy of market conduct with due regard to the antitrust legal restrictions, prepared recommendations on the structure of the marketing model and developed the agreements and guidelines necessary for the project implementation.

Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation subsequently confirmed the legality of the transmission to the new business model and of the developed documentation.

The project directed by Irina Akimova, the Head of the Antitrust/Competition practice, was carried out by senior lawyer Yulia Borisova and lawyers Ksenia Simakova and Anton Seliverstov.