Attorney investigations

Management’s and beneficiaries’ awareness of certain aspects and risks of the transactions and projects being delivered allows avoiding many conflicts:

  • The information about the counterparty collected in a timely manner and completed internal investigation enables minimizing possible losses.
  • Quality informational and analytical support makes it possible to build the necessary defense line and to identify the sensitive zones of opponents if a conflict is inevitable.

The accomplishment of such tasks is possible if a multi-disciplinary approach is used: the identification and collection of evidence in respect of fraud episodes or unscrupulous practices of counterparties require competencies in several branches of law. The distinctive peculiarity of BGP Litigation is a combination of legal and economic expertise. The fact that the firm employs salaried qualified lawyers and specialists with experience in economics, finance, and investment allows offering customers an integrated approach in issues such as legal investigation and risk management advice.

Legal investigation is necessary in the following instances:

  • Conflict with partners, counterparties, or other persons: shareholder dispute, debt conflict, asset right dispute, shareholder and management dispute.
  • The preparation and implementation of business or significant business asset purchase or sale transaction.
  • The availability of information or suggestions about abuses by employees, partners, or third parties, criminal wrongdoings in respect of the client or the client’s company.
  • Claims on the part of law enforcement agencies or fiscal authorities.
Representing the interests of a group of private investors in negotiations on the acquisition of control over an oil refinery worth more than 5 billion rubles. The team of the company collected information about the plant, which allowed to establish the actual state of affairs at the refinery and to refute the economic model proposed by the seller.
Consulting services of the NPF in connection with the assumption of violations and unfair behavior of the fund's partner in a large development project of more than 3 billion rubles. The results of the investigation allowed to form a bargaining position and adjust the strategy of the work of the NPF on the project.
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