BGP Litigation associates have profound expertise in: providing support in legal disputes pertaining to antitrust regulation; representing clients during the course of proceedings conducted by antitrust authorities; public procurement; obtaining required approvals for mergers, acquisitions and market concentration including in relation to strategic enterprises and under the advertising law and the investment in strategic enterprises law.

Services offered by BGP Litigation also include development of corporate antitrust risk prevention systems (antitrust compliance) and representing clients in cases of unfair competition.

As regards to antitrust regulation issues, BGP Litigation offers the following legal support services:

  • Representing companies in antitrust authorities, preparation and filing of claims of violation of antitrust and advertising laws
  • Providing legal advice on building dealership networks / distribution chains
  • Review of agreements and commercial and bonus policies in terms of conformity to antitrust laws
  • Legal due diligence of businesses with a focus on their compliance with antitrust laws (antitrust audit).
International manufacturer of medical oxygen
Lawyers of the firm presented the interest of the manufacturer of medical oxygen in the dispute regarding relating to violation of antitrust laws, issued by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. As a result, Lawyers proved the lawful use of the scheme of cooperation between the business and the regional authorities for the future.
Maritime carrier
Lawyers of the BGP Litigation represented interests of the international maritime carrier in an antitrust investigation and legal proceedings with regards to suspected global cartel activity. As a result of the implementation of the project, the absence of the violation of antitrust laws wasregognized, and the Client avoided a possible fine of more than 15% of the company's revenue.
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