BGP Litigation associates have profound expertise in: providing support in legal disputes pertaining to antitrust regulation; representing clients during the course of proceedings conducted by antitrust authorities; public procurement; obtaining required approvals for mergers, acquisitions and market concentration including in relation to strategic enterprises and under the advertising law and the investment in strategic enterprises law.

Services offered by BGP Litigation also include development of corporate antitrust risk prevention systems (antitrust compliance) and representing clients in cases of unfair competition.

As regards to antitrust regulation issues, BGP Litigation offers the following legal support services:

  • Representing companies in antitrust authorities, preparation and filing of claims of violation of antitrust and advertising laws
  • Providing legal advice on building dealership networks / distribution chains
  • Review of agreements and commercial and bonus policies in terms of conformity to antitrust laws
  • Legal due diligence of businesses with a focus on their compliance with antitrust laws (antitrust audit).
BGP Litigation was requested to represent the interests of the largest automobile corporation during the unscheduled inspection of the FAS Russia aimed at the detection of violation of antimonopoly legislation.
Global Leader in Industrial Gas Production
BGP Litigation conducted an antitrust audit to identify the risks related to entering into an asset acquisition transaction without a prior approval from the FAS of Russia, as well as the risks of withdrawal from the Russian market of the products produced by the purchased asset. The Firm’s lawyers evaluated the risks and advised the client on how to mitigate or entirely eliminate them.
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