Digital Health

The Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Practice provides comprehensive legal support for Digital Health companies.

Thanks to the firm’s profound expertise in and understanding of the specifics of both medicine and healthcare, technologies, IT and IP, work with personal data and Big Data, compliance issues and transactions involving digital health assets, BGP Litigation lawyers are able to handle all legal questions faced by companies operating in healthcare digitisation, including by helping digital ecosystems, major investors in the sector and technology companies set up such services from scratch.

We help businesses find exceptional solutions to their pressing issues on which the possibility of successful development and scaling up depend in this new and actively developing Russian sector. When working on digital health projects, BGP Litigation lawyers help services set up compliant and legally appropriate interaction with consumers, including by ensuring proper protection of users’ personal data.

We are guided by global and Russian best experience in life sciences and telemedicine, advise on innovative pharma, biotechnology and telemedicine projects. We support clients on a broad range of natters concerning, among other things, interaction with regulators in Russia and abroad, and assist in implementation of federal scale projects requiring GR support, as well as development and establishment of special legal frameworks.

Work spheres:

  • SaMD (Softasamedicaldevice) and AI in healthcare
  • Comprehensive legal support for telemedicine projects
  • Advice on Big Data security, processing and storage
  • Legal support for work with software as part of digital health projects
  • Preparation of and support for software transactions, due diligence of technology assets
  • Elaboration and introduction of special legal frameworks for implementing digital health projects
  • Establishment of compliance systems from scratch