Dispute Resolution

Our practice of dispute resolution is focused on the support for complex disputes in Russia and cross-border proceedings. This experience allows us to find unique solutions using the legal tools in different jurisdictions: litigation at courts with a focus on complex disputes being conducted in multiple concurrent jurisdictions; protecting clients' property interests, including at the early stages of proceedings by means of provisional remedies.

From the very beginning of the project work we analyze in detail all key aspects of a disputable situation, in particular:

  •  What jurisdictions are involved or may be involved in a conflict
  • Availability of the opponent's property on which it is possible to impose provisional remedies or the levy of execution
  • A team personnel of legal consultants for foreign jurisdictions (if necessary) and experts
  • Priorities of work taking into account the objective and terms to be achieved

 In some cases it is reasonable to initiate one or multiple ancillary proceedings in order to get evidence or preserve the status quo for the duration of the dispute.