International Tax Planning

In the context of global exchange of tax information and Russian deoffshorization, the services for international tax planning are nowadays becoming ever more relevant than ever. Introduction of the CFC rules, fast development of judicial practice for a beneficial owner of income, limitation of benefits under international agreements - all this makes a taxpayer to take a different look at his/her business structure. We help our clients find effective decisions in the era of deoffshorization.

In particular we provide the following services for international tax planning:

  • Analysis of the existing asset holding structures concerning the tax efficiency and potential risks, providing recommendations to reduce the identified risks, including those related to the Russian deoffshorization laws
  • Development of taxwise effective holding, financial and trade structures, that meet the major business targets of the client
  • Diagnostics of the foreign private capital ownership structures in order to determine the tax consequences for CFC
  • Preparation and submission of all necessary accounts and documents to tax authorities of the Russian Federation
  • Creation of personal asset holding structures (including trusts, foundations, etc.)
  • Foreign companies incorporation support
  • Preparation of foreign companies to dissolution, implementation of preferential dissolution in the Russian Federation
  • Consulting on capital amnesty, support for declaration of assets and income of individuals from foreign sources.