Class action lawsuits

Class action lawsuits that can be easily joined with minimal financial and time costs expose businesses to financial and reputational risks. A smart strategy is crucial in this regard as the outcome of the class action lawsuit is pivotal for the outcome of any subsequent individual lawsuits in relation to the same matter of dispute against the company.

A class action lawsuit may become a dangerous competition tool as it can be used by competitors who would provide financial, PR and legal support to the plaintiff group, thus making it more difficult for the defendant to handle the dispute.

The BGP Litigation team has handled the most high-profile class action lawsuits acting for both defendants and plaintiffs. We advise clients at the mediation phase, mitigate our clients' pre-trial financial and reputational losses, and provide comprehensive litigation support in the courtroom.

We handle class action disputes for the benefit of clients representing a variety of economic sectors, including industries that are most sensitive to this kind of disputes (banks, marketplaces, digital businesses, transport companies, retail businesses, service providers etc.). Our extensive class action experience involving major companies in a variety of sectors helps us develop customised solutions on a case-by-case basis using our well-calibrated strategies.

On the other hand, a class action lawsuit that can be joined by thousands of plaintiffs is effective in protecting rights of a group of persons ranging from employees or clients of a company to service users or investors. We understand the class action process mechanics from the plaintiff perspective and have successfully represented plaintiffs in the largest class action lawsuits, including disputes against state-run companies.

Our services:

  • Issuing opinions on the legal aspects of class action lawsuits
  • Representing corporates in class actions both at the pre-trial and trial stages
  • Negotiating settlement agreements with plaintiff groups
  • Structuring court fee allocation agreements for class plaintiffs
  • Developing class certification strategies

Our advantages

- Advice in 17 practice areas

The BGP Litigation team specialises in full-service support for businesses and has the required resources to work on matters requiring comprehensive solutions. We advise companies on class action lawsuits in the areas that are most sensitive to this kind of litigation: antitrust and employment law, product liability, securities etc.

- Deep industry expertise

Members of our team boast niche business knowledge in a variety of economic sectors and can successfully resolve class action lawsuits taking due account of the specifics of a particular business. Our team includes GR professionals and industry experts which is an additional advantage for our clients. We rely on this expertise to regularly act for leading companies representing a variety of industries

- Early-stage claim settlement

The BGP Litigation team has successfully conducted negotiations and mediations during the early stages of class action lawsuits, thereby helping clients avoid financial and reputational costs

- Successful experience

We have advised on the most high-profile class action lawsuits acting for both defendants and plaintiffs.