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When they face bad faith brokers – the authors of Ponzi schemes, – the cheated investors strive to return the funds stolen from them. Yet, they are often hindered by protracted and inefficient measures of the enforcement authorities. There are no instructions on how to return the money and no guarantees that they will succeed, especially if the fraudsters have already siphoned it off to foreign banks or converted it into cryptocurrency. As a result, their chances to see their investments recovered are reduced to zero.

The BGP Litigation’s team of criminal defense lawyers is ready to help efficiently locate the stolen assets and return them to their legitimate owners. We are already working with the investors of QBF, Finiko, Anchor Invest and Shumakov & Partners LLC.


We can help:

  • Collect all information on the owners of the Ponzi scheme and trace the route used to “siphon off” the money;
  • Defend the cheated investors before courts and enforcement authorities both in Russia and abroad;
  • Locate the misappropriated money in accounts with foreign banks and in crypto wallets; assist the investors in having such accounts attached and arrange for the return of the funds to the injured parties.
Total misappropriated funds amounted to USD 180 million, and more than 5 years had passed since the incident by the time the clients approached us. The BGP litigation team managed to identify the real owners of the accounts where the misappropriated funds were kept in Europe and Latin America. To have the funds returned to their lawful owners, our lawyers initiated a criminal investigation in Russia and a number of legal proceedings abroad. As a result, the money was “frozen”, and the recovery procedures commenced.