Compliance and Sanctions

BGP Litigation lawyers advise clients on a wide range of sanctions law and compliance issues. Our clients are leading companies from a variety of sectors, including banks and financial corporations, pharmaceutical, production and energy companies.

Our services in the area of sanctions regulations include:

  • Embargoes and restrictions;
  • Transformation of existing arrangements due to sanctions and countermeasures;
  • Sanctions-related licensing;
  • Turn-key development of compliance programmes and policies;
  • Transactional and due diligence support;
  • International trade regulatory and operational matters;
  • Criminal defence in sanctions-related matters;
  • Removal from sanctions lists and judicial challenges;
  • Crisis management and strategy;
  • Asset management solution engineering.
Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies
Advising a number of Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies on matters of careful review of Russian countermeasures considering the specific humanitarian nature of the companies’ operations and the overall focus of development of the government’s policy on uninterrupted supply of medicinal drugs and substances
multi-vector investor from the Asia-Pacific Region
Advising a multi-vector investor from the Asia-Pacific Region on the hidden risks inherent in the continuation of its current economic activities in view of sanctions and Russian countermeasures, including in terms of relations in the sphere of real estate management and working with Russian financial instruments
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