Family Law

BGP Litigation lawyers possess a wealth of expertise in supporting divorces that involve settlement of issues of division of marital property, payment of alimony, child custody and visitation, travel of minors outside of the Russian Federation, challenging and establishing paternity, forfeiture and limitation of parental rights.

BGP Litigation’s practice is unique in that we deal with the resolution of cross-border disputes on child visitation and return from foreign states in cases of wrongful removal or retention. In order to prevent financial risks, BGP Litigation places a great emphasis on structuring family assets via marriage (prenuptial and postnuptial) contracts, agreements on the division of property, alimony agreements, inheritance contracts and joint wills of the spouses.

Moreover, BGP Litigation renders professional mediation services to enable clients to resolve their differences amicably on mutually acceptable terms.

BGP Litigation lawyers are active in advocacy and elaboration of legislative proposals so as to improve the existing legal rules; they teach at the country’s top universities and sit on various expert councils with public authorities and organisations.

Consulting on Family Legislation

  • Preventing financial risks and protecting non-property rights in divorces.
  • Drafting marriage contracts, marital settlement agreements, agreements on child support and visitation, their notarisation.
  • Elaborating strategies and legal arguments in disputes on divorces and child visitation, recovery of alimony, division of property, and challenging marriage contracts.
  • Analysis of agreements made between the spouses on matters of property division, child support and visitation, wills, contracts of inheritance.
  • Legal due diligence of the family situation for minimising risks in case of bankruptcy of the spouses (or either of them), as well as concerning subsidiary liability, and filing creditors’ claims.
  • Consulting on cross-border disputes on children, establishing and contesting paternity, forfeiture and limitation of parental rights, travel of minors outside of the Russian Federation, recovery of alimony, decreasing or increasing its amount, liability for its improper payment, challenging marriage contracts and wills, asset search.
  • Preparing legal opinions on the application of the Russian family, housing, and inheritance legislation for foreign jurisdictions.

Representing Clients

  • Defending the rights and interests of clients in negotiations.
  • Representing clients in family, inheritance, and housing disputes in courts.
  • Preparing and filing claims on the violation of parental rights.
  • Representing clients in execution / enforcement proceedings.
  • Support of inheritance cases and other notarial acts.
  • Representing clients in cases on the return of children wrongfully removed from or retained in the Russian Federation.
  • Organising mediation