The BGP Litigation Technology Practice team supports complex technological and regulatory projects in the fields of telecommunications, development of digital infrastructure, AI and robot engineering, regulation of software and personal data, eCommerce, M&A and Asset Deals involving technological assets, projects for venture investment in technology companies and creation of innovative, cross-border, scientific and technical centres.

As a multi-service firm, we provide turn-key support for implementation of clients’ projects, including tax, currency, anti-trust, IP, corporate legislation and dispute resolution aspects. Our strong industry expertise in pharmaceuticals and healthcare allow for digital health and telemedicine development projects to be implemented successfully in Russia. Our GR-support experience promotes development of new institutional foundations in the Russian economy and high-tech sectors, including by creating experimental legal frameworks. We also assist businesses and the state on federal projects for technology import substitution.

Our experience includes projects involving development of mobile infrastructure in Russia and 5G-technologies, collaboration with foreign content-providers and improvement of the legislation for rolling out the latest telecommunications technologies in Russia taking foreign experience into account.

We possess expertise in fintech and implement projects involving blockchain technologies and crypto assets, development of payment services, E-money and cybersecurity.

Our clients include telecom operators and Internet providers, federal media, media and entertainment companies, financial institutions, digital ecosystems, companies implementing digital health projects, among them big pharma and global manufacturers of medical goods, IT giants and state organisations implementing federal technology programmes.

Spheres of work:

  • contractual work (including drafting of agreements on setting up IT infrastructure, developing and modifying software, licensing agreements for innovative technological solutions, agreements on SaaS models, personal data documentation, etc.)
  • tech asset transactions (tech MA)
  • Due diligence of ТМТ and IP assets
  • compliance regulation of ТМТ companies, including IPO preparation
  • source code escrow, provision of escrow agent services
  • support for medtech projects, including regulatory and contractual matters
  • establishment of TMT organisations from scratch, including for implementing projects for technology import substitution and reducing dependence on foreign software and infrastructure (including creation of cloud infrastructure); due diligence of digital technologies and the rights thereto
  • promotion of high-tech companies’ GR agenda; collaboration with regulatory bodies, assistance in developing a strategy for collaborating with federal executive authorities (Ministry for Digital Development, Roscomnadzor, the Federal Tax Service, etc.)
  • development and introduction of experimental legal frameworks for implementing tech projects, including as part of government programmes and development of AI, blockchain, neuro-, quantum and 5G technologies, digital health matters and so on
  • support for fintech projects in eCommerce
  • resolution of matters associated with companies being included in the critical infrastructure and development of information security systems
  • advice on industry legislation in the spheres of telecommunications, communications and the Media.