Employment Law

Every company faces labor law issues and usually at the worst possible time. The practice’s lawyers will be able to quickly step in and render their professional assistance to help resolve conflicts. We are fluent in English and often act as independent advisors to foreign HR business partners for Russia; we know the concerns of foreign managers in terms of Russian labor law and will help you localize your policies and implement a code of ethics, as well as alert you to the restrictive clauses that can be found in Russian employment agreements.

We advise clients on the most complex issues of labor law and our expertise covers:

  • Advice on termination of employment and directly negotiating and seeking compromise in conflicts, building awareness among personnel after the termination of specific employees.
  • Labor litigation. Our attorney status allows us to efficiently step into the proceedings and use the powers available to attorneys (attorney requests, attorney-client privilege). Whatever the situation, we will make every effort to resolve the dispute out of court or settle. If your case has no prospects (for instance, due to procedural irregularities in the employee’s dismissal), we will inform you accordingly before accepting our engagement.
  • Investigations of bad faith conduct by employees, drafting reports and implementing the decisions made with the client.
  • Assistance in social partnerships. We will tell you what to do if a trade union has been created at your company, will help advocate your interests in negotiations on entering into and renewing bargaining agreements, and work out an action plan in case of a collective dispute or strike. Our lawyers will help you draft a reasoned refusal to join industry agreements that automatically apply to all employers within the relevant industry.
  • Consulting on remuneration: how to set up an incentive scheme, how to pay for overtime in different employment arrangements, and how to create remuneration plans to avoid “grey areas” in case of disputes.
  • Assistance on specific production issues: shift schedules, calculating total hours worked, special shifts, foreman bonuses, night work.
  • Legal support of labor protection: preparing positions in case of work injuries, advising on the issues of medical examinations, organization of labor protection and special assessment of working conditions.
  • Representing Russian and foreign top managers in executing employment agreements in Russia: assisting in drawing up clear job descriptions and KPIs, bonus-based grounds for termination and golden parachutes.
  • Analysis of HR documents and business processes. We always set clear goals in audits. These may include preparing the company for a labor inspection or altering the remuneration scheme after a number of labor disputes, or restructuring bylaws to repeal excessive documents and reduce overregulation of labor matters.
  • Assistance with labor law issues in M&A: due diligence of the target’s HR documents, developing and implementing post-closing personnel optimization plans and programs for the retention of valuable employees and negotiations with them.
  • Representing companies during labor inspections and challenging the results of inspections.
  • Assistance in structuring labor relations with foreign employees and complex issues of migration law.
Representing an international provider of transportation and logistics services
Representing an international provider of transportation and logistics services in a case on the recovery of damages from employees who had damaged the company’s property. Our assignment involved participation in negotiations with the culpable employees, representing the client in court, and legal support of a number of dismissals.
Representing the client under an employee’s claim on the recovery of the Urals salary increment
Representing the client under an employee’s claim on the recovery of the Urals salary increment for the entire period of employment at the company, including interest and compensation for delay of payment. As a result, the claim was granted in part, and the increment was recovered for the time falling within the limitation period (10% of the amount claimed).
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