White Collar Criminal Defense

The BGP Litigation team of advocates acts for clients during criminal proceedings relating to economic and corruption crimes.

We resolve a broad range of issues concerning white collar criminal defence, from advising on risks to comprehensive support before government, law enforcement, control, supervisory and judicial bodies.

I. Criminal law expertise in relation to business processes and projects (due diligеnce), development of mechanisms for preventing and minimising criminal law risks for management and beneficiaries.

II. Protection of the legitimate interests of principals during scheduled and unscheduled inspections conducted by control and supervisory bodies, including elaboration of positions for minimising criminal prosecution risks during inspections.

III. Advising and acting for principals at the stages of crime report verification, preliminary investigations and court proceedings:

  • Analysis of the principal’s situation for the purpose of assessing the criminal law risks/prospects for protecting rights and legitimate interests;
  • Development of strategies and tactics for protecting the legitimate interests of the principal, elaboration of a legal position;
  • Conducting  advocatory investigations to collect and present to law enforcement bodies proof confirming the principal’s position;
  • Arranging for investigatory actions to prove the principal’s position;
  • Supporting the principal before law enforcement bodies during procedural actions involving them;
  • Challenging actions (omissions) on the part of law enforcement personnel in order to ensure the rights and legitimate interests of the principal;
  • Defending/representing the interests of the principal during criminal court proceedings at all stages.

IV. Recovery of accounts receivable by applying criminal law mechanisms to bad faith counterparties;

V. Advocatory investigations and other evidential activities within the powers granted by the effective legislation.

Major Russian Bank
Legal investigation of circumstances of issuing questionable bank guarantees and consultations in criminal aspects of a Russian hi-tech bank.
Our lawyers were invited to represent rights and legal interests of a client in the criminal proceedings of representatives of a third company that failed to fulfill its contractual obligations to render customs broker services. Legal actions resulted in initiation of criminal prosecution against representatives of a third company and active representation of the interests of victims of crimes committed by persons performing managerial functions in the commercial organization.
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