Life sciences

The BGP Litigation Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Practice team supports businesses with legal matters arising in the work of medical service providers, telemedicine platform operators, medicine manufacturers and other companies in the sector.

With our substantial GR expertise, we assist in forming the regulatory and legal framework covering the healthcare sector. The Practice advises clients on aspects of their current operations, such as promotion of medicines, public procurements of medicines and medical equipment, protection of patent rights, transactions involving medicine assets, dispute resolution and more. BGP Litigation lawyers help clients resolve matters associated with personal data processing in the sensitive healthcare sector and work with big masses of data, including as part of telemedicine projects.

BGP Litigation create legal conditions for implementing federal level programmes connected with import substitution in healthcare, medical and biotechnological research, including by elaborating and introducing special legal frameworks.

The Practice helps arrange compliance processes in pharma companies, medicine providers and the like, develops anti-corruption policies and performs Due Diligence. Our lawyers’ profound knowledge of this sensitive sector allows them to organise risk management competently, thereby minimising the risk of both fines and reputational damage, which is of key significance in healthcare. We also conduct negotiations when there is a risk of litigation or claims by government bodies and, if necessary, we act for clients in court.

We can help through:

  • Introduction of innovative medicine supply models
  • Support for market access strategies of pharma companies (registration of prices, inclusion on lists, and others)
  • Comprehensive support for public private partnership projects of all forms (PPP, concession agreements, SIC, offset agreements, Lifecycle contracts)
  • Mandatory medical insurance
  • Operations of private and public medical institutions
  • Healthcare non-profits (charitable foundations, etc.)