16.09.2021 | Ratings
BGP Litigation’s Debut in Pravo.ru’s New Award

Best Law Firm Marketing, the first national award in the field of legal marketing established by the well-known portal Pravo.ru, has chosen the best marketing projects in the Russian legal market.

BGP Litigation has been recognised in the nomination “Charity” for the creation and development of the “Lawyers for Kids” Foundation, a project inspired by the Firm’s Partner Victoria Dergunova. The Foundation seeks to strengthen the legal position of children in families and the society as persons especially vulnerable to human rights violations. Already in its first year, the Foundation’s lawyers successfully implemented several complex projects, including such widely publicised cases as the case of the girl abandoned to live in a perinatal medical centre and the case of Alla Granalskaya.

BGP Litigation has also received an award in the nomination “Building a Lawyer’s Personal Brand” for its input into the development of the media image of the Firm’s Partner and head of the Family Law practice Victoria Dergunova. For more than 10 years, Victoria has successfully represented clients on family law matters. The practice that Victoria heads has been featured in the professional rankings of Pravo.ru-300 and Kommersant. Throughout the year, the marketing done by the practice has led to the significant strengthening of Victoria’s positions in the media, thanks to the implementation of such initiatives, amongst others, as the “Lawyers for Kids” Foundation and “Attorneys for Kids” Draft Law.

The Best Law Firm Marketing Award recognises legal marketing projects in eight nominations, including the design and efficiency of firm websites, promoting the personal brands of partners, financing and pro bono activities, and participation in professional rankings. Candidates are evaluated by an Expert Board that includes partners from leading law firms, corporate lawyers, representatives of large marketing agencies, and journalists.