16.05.2019 | Ratings
Pravo. ru has included BGP Litigation in its list of litigators

Pravo. ru has published its third research on the market of the leading law firms. The analysis revealed the firms with the greatest number of cases, most costly proceedings, and the largest sum of stated claims.

According to the results of the research of the best players in the sphere of case law practice, BGP Litigation is marked among the leaders in the category of dispute resolution based on the average sum of the stated claim (2nd group).

Experts of Pravo. ru analyzed more than 10 thousand of final decisions of Russian arbitrage courts. They took into account participation of a firm on behalf of the plaintiff and the respondent, however the claims on a vindication of the costs of proceedings and proceedings on disputing the retrial under the newly discovered circumstances, etc.

Full-length version of the ranking can be accessed at the following link.