Ilya Kozhevnikov
Senior Associate — Competition
Ilya specialises in antitrust regulations, unfair competition, and regulation of commerce. In addition, Ilya advises clients on the approval of transactions as part of the state control of market concentration and transactions involving foreign investments. Ilya has worked for the antitrust authorities and at the top consulting firms. During his time as the representative for the antitrust authority, Ilya sat on commissions hearing cases on possible violations of the Law on the Protection of Competition, took part in reviewing cases on administrative offences, as well as represented the interests of the FAS of Russia before commercial courts. In 2018, he received a commendation from the Head of the FAS of Russia for his valuable contribution to ensuring fair competition. He is also a member of the Expert Council on Foreign Investments with the FAS of Russia. Ilya graduated with honours from the “Antitrust Lawyer” Master’s Programme at the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL). He is currently pursuing postgraduate research at the MSAL.