Valentina Semenova
Counsel – Tax and Tax Disputes
Valentina has 17+ years’ experience of advising major Russian and international companies on a wide range of tax matters. Valentina is focused on complex issues arising from the assessment of the corporate income tax, VAT, insurance contributions, business property tax and mineral tax. She advises on transactional tax implications, conducts tax audits, provides tax audit support, and represents clients in pre-trial dispute settlements with tax authorities, including amicable settlement agreements. Valentina also defends companies in the courtroom when contesting non-binding rulings issued by tax authorities. Valentina’s expertise includes application of the thin capitalisation rules, the beneficial owner concept and the CFC rules. Valentina’s clients represent the FMCG, retail, pharmaceutical, construction, automotive, transport, energy and other sectors. Valentina is a niche expert in the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining BGP Litigation, Valentina was a member of the dispute resolution practice group at Kept (ex-KPMG) and the tax and tax disputes team at Pepeliaev Group.