Viktoria Dergunova
Partner, Attorney, Mediator, Ph.D. in Law — Family Law and Private Wealth
Viktoria has successfully represented clients in family disputes, developed domestic and international strategies for holding and managing complex assets and business structures, for over a decade. She specialises in cases on international removal and wrongful retention of children under the rules of the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, structuring family assets and will planning. Viktoria’s professional interests also include cases on the protection of honour, dignity, and business reputation with respect to family relations. She delivers lectures on family law as part of an education programme for orphaned children and children left without parental care. Viktoria is a member of the Supreme Council of the All-Russian Movement “Silnaya Rossiya” (Strong Russia), where she spearheads legal efforts to protect the rights and legitimate interests of seriously ill children. She is a member of the Family Law Club at the S.S. Alexeev Private Law Research Centre and the author of the Attorneys for Children Bill. She is listed in the Best Lawyers, Pravo.Ru-300, and Kommersant rankings. In 2021, she became the President of the “Lawyers for Kids” Foundation. In 2022, she joined the Middle East Desk.